Where is Acland Park?

Acland Park is located at the intersection of Selwyn and Springston Rolleston Roads, Rolleston.


What does Acland Park offer?

Superior neighbourhood living in close proximity to many amenities. A sense of community, security, and wellbeing through better living in a vibrant neighbourhood.


How many lots are there?

Over 1,000 lots to be constructed over 4 Phases. Phase 1 – Stages 1 to 4 – 290 lots.


What size are the sections?

From 250 (comprehensive lots) up to 700+ within Stages 1 – 4.


What utilities are offered within the subdivision?

Power, water and grey water connections to the boundary. Stormwater via soak pits.


What deposit is required when purchasing the lot?

Please discuss this with the sales team.


When is the final payment expected for the lot?

Sale details are to be negotiated but generally balance of payment on title issue.


What consents do I require to build?

Building consents as set out by the local authority regulations – Selwyn District Council. All Residential Dwellings must comply with the properties Resource Consent.


What are the main entry and exit points to Acland Park?

The main entrance will be from Springston Rolleston Road within Phase 1 of the construction, entrance to Selwyn Road will be within future phases.


Can I sell-on my section?

Yes, you may. The restrictive covenants and design guidelines compliance must be passed to the new owner.


Why are there covenants as part of the title?

Ultimately to protect everyone’s investment and to maintain a superior level of development.


Are there any planting restrictions?

No. Apart from illegal or noxious plants.

Front landscaping must be approved by Developer as part of the Design Approval process which must be gained prior to submission for Building Consent..


Who owns the right of ways and access lots and who maintains them?

Where a Right of Way or Accessway is shared, the cost of maintenance is divided equally between the lot owners. If the Right of Way services only one lot, the area will be included within the metre squared of the lot.


Do I have to build immediately once title is available?

Within the Further Terms of Sale, it states the building must be started no later than 12 months of issue of the title. Once the building process is started the dwelling must be completed within 9 months.


Are there any fencing requirements?

The lots internal side and rear fencing will be erected by the developer. There are fencing requirement descriptions within the Building Guideline document, as set out in the Resource consent. All fencing must comply with the properties Resource Consent.


Who is responsible for fencing the property?

During the construction of your home, it will be the builders’ responsibility to provide security fencing. The developer intends to erect the internal lot fencing. In some circumstances front fencing is permitted, where by it must be constructed in accordance with the design guidelines and the properties resource consent.


What schools are in the Acland Park zone?

Lemon Wood Primary

Rolleston College


Will there be any shops?

There will be a Neighbourhood Community Hub within the development. The design is yet to be finalised, but the vision is for the provision of a master planned retail area with a convenience store, café and family restaurant, together with many more community facilities.


Will there be a Childcare Facility within Acland Park?

Yes, associated with the commercial hub.


Is there any fibre optic cable in Acland Park?

Yes, fibre is being installed during construction.


Will geotechnical and ground reports be available free of charge?

These will be provided as part of the purchase.


Can we use our own builder?

We prefer building is undertaken by our building partners, please discuss with the Avanda Group sales team.


Do property owners need sign-off from Acland Park on house plans before building consent?

Yes, all plans must be submitted to the Developer for approval prior to application for building consent.


Can we have a wood burner?

Please check with Selwyn District Council.


Am I allowed to erect a relocated home or build a home from recycled materials?



Who is the telecommunications provider?



Is reticulated gas available?



What sort of sewage system is available?

Selwyn District Council sewer connections are available via a lateral connection at the lot boundary.


What sort of stormwater system will there be?

The stormwater will be via soakholes on each lot, installed by the builder as part of the house build cost, all to be in compliance with Selwyn District Council.


When will lot owners receive their first rates account?

This will depend on issue of title.


Is the water chlorinated?

Selwyn District Council mains water is not currently chlorinated.


Will homeowners be expected to pay any additional service fee other than normal council rates?

We are not aware of any other additional fees, other than water rates where occupier uses more than allocated water allowance.


Who are the developers?

The land is being developed by Avanda Group, (trading as Long Vision Property Development Ltd.) Avanda Group is one of New Zealand’s foremost developers, and we are passionate about partnering with communities to build vibrant neighbourhoods where New Zealanders can feel happy, secure and connected.


Can I purchase now?

Please use the enquiry tab to register interest. Please keep an eye on the website.