Room to grow – no matter the age and stage!

School week in Acland Park is easy and stress-free, with all your education requirements close at hand. Acland Park will have its own childcare facility, with a number of new modern schools close by. Rolleston offers the total package from preschools, to an excellent modern high school. It’s a safe and rewarding alternative to the city. No frenetic drop-offs and pick-ups.


Local Schools


Primary Schools


Lemonwood Grove School
Address: 14 Lemonwood Drive, Faringdon, Rolleston.
Years: New entrants – Year 8


West Rolleston Primary School
Address: 327 Dunns Crossing Road, Rolleston.
Years: New entrants – Year 8


Secondary Schools


Rolleston College
Address: 631 Springston Road, Rolleston.
Years: Year 9 – Year 13


Together with many other new education options.